Teach Us To Pray March 31, 2019

April 31, 2019


Teach Us to Pray - With Carolyn Warnemuende

In Unity, we talk about praying affirmatively. We talk about claiming that which we may not yet see. Without denying circumstances, we talk about denying the power that external events have on our ability to live a life of health or peace or joy. We talk about God as Spirit and that we cannot influence God as if He or She or It were a human being. We have seen that seeming miracles take place as a result of prayer. This Sunday we will talk about how to pray so that we are part of the process of those miracles. We will talk about how to pray without talking to God but from our God consciousness. We will talk about how prayer is part of the mystery of the Universe and how when we engage with that mystery, we live with greater equanimity and joy. Please join us as we explore the question, “How do we pray?” Come join us.

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