Take The Dare, October 13,2019

When you were young, did a sibling or friend ever say, “I dare you to…” then offer you a challenge that was so far out of your comfort zone that you couldn’t even consider it? Today if a friend or colleague said, “I dare you to become a powerfully abundant person in this next year,” how quickly would you say a resounding, “Yes!”? Of course you want to become magnificently abundant in every realm of life. Yet once you gave a “yes” to the dare, how quickly did doubts arise? Often what we think we want doesn’t manifest because the misgivings outweigh the desire. When we see the steps we must take to achieve our longing, we become minions to our smaller self instead of rising to our highest and best and embracing the challenge. As we gather together today, we will look at five steps which assure that when we take the prosperity dare, we will achieve a life of abundance.

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