Spiritual Leader's Message October 1, 2020

Dear Hearts,
Often when people call or come into the church asking for prayer, they want a prayer for clarity. This prayer request happens frequently enough that I know how many people live with a sense of not knowing where they are going or how to get there. They are living in a state of unconsciously putting one foot in front of the other moving without direction or passion.
Living with the uncertainty in society today and not being able to make plans with great assurance for future activities, many feel particularly aimless. This uncomfortable feeling can result in lethargy, anxiety, or depression. 
While this may sound hopeless, malaise can catapult us into something new or different. It is a time to dig deep and pay attention to any little nudge toward a heart’s desire that has been put on the back burner for so long that we have nearly forgotten about it.
Often it takes very little to reignite joy, connectedness, and even passion for life. It also takes attention and perseverance. I know of a woman who loved to sew when she was younger. During mid-life she moved into smaller quarters and got rid of much of her sewing paraphernalia. She kept her sewing machine “just in case.” Well the pandemic gave her that just in case moment. Wanting to serve, she decided she would begin making masks to distribute to others. She found the task so enjoyable and fulfilling that she sewed over 100 masks. Growing tired of mask-making, she began making simple children’s clothes to distribute. As you might guess, these activities rekindled her joy in life.
There are times when we need to reach out to others to help us, to support us, as we find or rekindle our joy. In a recent communication from Unity World Headquarters, CEO Jim Blake said that the focus of UWH is “being a light in the fog of uncertainty.” We trust that UCIR serves that purpose in your life. We are here for you each day. Your ministers, prayer chaplains and Board hold you in our hearts. Please call us at the church 246-9544 or call me at 605-6306 when you want to talk or when you’d like a cheering team on your side.
Rev. Carolyn