Spiritual Leader's Message November 1, 2020

Dear Friends,
As long as I can remember, I have been drawn to water. Not huge expanses of water but rather small rivers, streams, lakes, and waterfalls. What draws me is its flow, its patience, its persistence.
I walk the Lema Ranch regularly. On a little side trail I pass a waterfall. It is probably man-made but looks entirely natural as it flows over stones and
and through ferns and other foliage. I never pass this spot without stopping. Just watching this little gem feels like praying. If I’m feeling ungrounded, I return to center and connect with myself and my surroundings when I listen to the tumbling water and watch its ceaseless flowing.
In the 1970s I read a book by Barry Stevens titled Don’t Push the River: It Flows by Itself. I probably read this book 20 times. At the time, and for years later, it held great meaning for me. While the author was older than I by 40 years, I felt as connected to her as if I personally knew her. This first person account served as a model for my growth into authenticity. Just as water flows, Barry, in her own unique way taught me that when we live life with authenticity, allow ourselves to flow with what is and not push to get where we’re going, we live with greater peace and fullness. One of the things I liked about the writing is that Barry talked about her own struggles living in this way…and how she worked through them.
Like Barry, I have to pay great attention to flow with life just as it is. My struggle is not pushing but resisting. I find that too often I resist that which challenges me. That is why I like to be by flowing water. It doesn’t resist rocks or other blocks to its path. It just patiently goes around, under, or through them. One of my affirmations is “I flow like water.”
Much of 2020 has held challenges both personally and for our beloved UCIR community. In March we needed to close our doors for several weeks. Each week we are alert to any state mandated requirements for meeting in groups being aware that at any time, we may need to close again. Rev. Ken, the Board, volunteers, and I will continue our work to keep our congregation connected. We are not resisting the challenges but patiently carrying on with our phone calls to you, our eBlasts, and our eNews. We know that one day all of us will be together again in person. Until then, know that you are as much a part of us as you have ever been.
By now, many of you have received a letter asking you to consider how you would like to support UCIR with your financial contributions. As you know, this year we have had to cancel all fundraisers and our fall dinner. Those are the activities that supplement the Sunday and mid-week offerings to keep our church viable. We ask that you pray about what is yours to give. If you are not a Unity Church in Redding congregant but enjoy our eNews or online services, please consider sending a contribution to: 
Unity Church in Redding
2871 Churn Creek Road
Redding, CA 96002
Thank all of you for your caring and support. You are held in love and gratitude.
Rev. Carolyn