Spiritual Leader's Message May 1, 2021

Dear Friends,
By now many of you know how much I love to look for and include quotes in my eNotes and eBlasts. I enjoy seeing how different people address the same topic expressing their own beliefs and personalities. 
This month in looking for quotes, I Googled “Easter.” The ones I really liked came from a wide variety of sources: a Pope; an author-artist; a Professional
Life Coach ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance. With such a diversity of backgrounds, it could be hard to imagine that they all said things that I believe fit into Unity. I am not a straight down the line thinker, and eclecticism fits me well. As you read the quotes this month, does one strongly resonate with you?
I very much look forward to Easter Sunday. Last year we were unable to meet in person. This year, even with masks and social distancing, we will be together to celebrate singing alleluia with hearts that shine. Can you imagine how you will feel seeing familiar faces with eyes that sparkle? Even giving virtual hugs will show that once again we are connecting.
One of the comments I’ve heard from many in our congregation and the greater community is how they feel touch starved. Even people who do not live alone miss the physical contact from those outside their family. In one of my recent walks, I met up with a man walking with his two-year old toddling by his side. The little guy walked up to me and put his hand on my leg. I automatically put my hand out to touch his head then remembered, “No touching outside your bubble.” I asked the father if it was okay to touch his son’s head. “Yes. Please do,” he said. “We don’t want him to learn to be afraid of touch.” I’m sure this father needed to weigh the risks of an unknown person touching his precious son as compared to his growing up without much touch. I felt honored to be one who could touch.
On April 1, new guidelines for how we continue moving beyond the Covid pandemic will be available. Whatever they are, UCIR will follow them. It is my hope that perhaps we can begin having some social hour opportunities. That is a part of Sunday mornings many are missing. What you can trust is that your safety is our number one concern.
Our world is in need of deep healing. Each of us can be a part of that by taking care of our mind, body, and spirit so that we have the strength to carry on regardless of our outer conditions. We can participate. Big heroic events are not required. 
As we move ever closer to Easter, let each of us contemplate our own resurrection; our moving from a place of spiritual bondage to a fuller expression of the Christ Spirit that we are. Let us not be afraid to fully shine our light, knowing that we are lights of the world. Each of us can be the healing, the change, that we hope to see.
As I write this note, I feel blessed to be your minister and to have each of you in my life. You bring me hope and joy,
Rev. Carolyn