Spiritual Leader's Message March 1, 2021

Dear Friends,
Today I write with excitement! We have now been open for three Sundays for service. I have known how much I missed all of you, and seeing some of your faces, or at least your eyes, reminded me about how important community is. Even with masks on, seeing the smiles in your eyes and the joy in your voices has been heart-warming.
My heart fills with gratitude when I see that those of you who feel more comfortable at home watch us on Facebook Live during our service or check in on YouTube during the week. Regardless of how our congregants choose to participate with us, when we support each other on our spiritual path, it is easier to remember to use the principles in our life regardless of what we may be experiencing.
This past Sunday following service, one of our congregants said, “It was good being at church even though it felt like my first time there!” When we return to anything after a long absence, it feels like a first—a new beginning. That is what it seems like to your leadership team, too. Just as the Vivian Jakotade quote above says, ”A fresh start is a journey—a journey that requires a plan.” Rev. Ken, the Board, and I have been planning our reopening and what our ongoing journey might look like. For now, we will keep a similar format to our service as we have had in the past. We have talked with other ministers who are doing the same. We all are also looking at how we might do things a bit differently as we look toward what the “new church” will be.
You received an eBlast during this past week alerting you to our Annual Meeting. I am repeating the information here. The meeting will be held on Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 11:45am. You may join in the sanctuary where we have social distancing and require masks or by phone at the toll free number 1 (717) 275-8940, access code 1870764, and following the simple prompts.
At this meeting you will learn the State of the Church, members will confirm the two candidates for the two vacant Board positions, confirm the Nominating Committee for next year, and vote on By-law changes. The two members who will fill the Board positions are Kathy Black and Kay Pieser.
Our revised By-laws are posted on the bulletin board in the church hallway. You are welcome to come in and review them on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10:00-4:00 or on Sunday mornings. There are minor content changes. The format is significantly different since we must now use the format prescribed by Unity Worldwide Ministries.
Rev. Carolyn