Spiritual Leader's Message March 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

February 26, Ash Wednesday, began the Lenten Season, the preparation for Easter. In traditional Christianity, this 40 days prior to Easter Sunday was a time of fasting, symbolic of Jesus fasting in the desert for 40 days before he began his public ministry. It often meant giving up something the person really enjoyed. In Unity when we practice Lent, we give up error thinking and embrace the highest point of view that we can in all life situations. When we entertain a thought or perform an action that is anything less than the highest that we know, we immediately take a moment for a redo. We shift to remembering that we are the masters of our thought world and immediately reframe what we believe caused our error thought into a more positive point of view. For example, no matter what people say or do and no matter what is happening around us, we remind ourselves that these outer conditions are powerless over how we think or act. This way of looking at life frees us to feel grateful for whatever is happening. If we have behaved in a less than Christ-like manner, we stop, breathe, and give ourselves the opportunity to redo the action. We forgive ourselves and offer thanks for recognizing our error.

Let us look at Lent not only as preparation for Easter, the resurrection of our own Christ nature, but also as preparation for birthing the new. As we prepare, we release the old outworn thinking and behaviors that no longer serve the person we are becoming. We commit to embracing the glory of who we are.

The Lenten season coincides with the coming of spring heralding the bursting forth of flowers, baby green leaves on trees, and longer hours of daylight. We watch this growth with joy and gratitude for the beauty. Let us also observe with gratitude our own growth of emerging ever more fully into all that we were created to be—beautiful, whole spiritual beings having a glorious human experience.

As we move through the Lenten season together, rest assured that you are held in love and with respect for the commitment you have made to become ever more fully your true authentic self.