Spiritual Leader's Message July 2019


Dear Friends,

What a joy to connect with you this month! I write this evening from Kansas City where last week Ken and I had our Licensing and Ordination interviews. We received excellent feedback and both graduated as licensed Unity ministers. We worked six years to get to this exciting and validating place in our UCIR ministry.

While Ken returned to Redding to his work in the church, I stayed for graduation and the Unity People’s Convention. I had no idea how important participating in the graduation ceremony would be for me.
The beautiful service filled me with joy and cemented who I am as your minister. I claimed in a greater way than ever before who I am as a person and as the leader of UCIR. I am grateful for the experience.

The theme of this year’s convention, “One Humanity, Many Stories” brought speakers and musicians from across the United States and Canada who were willing to tell their stories and share from their authentic selves. Daniel Nahmod, whose songs we often sing on Sunday mornings, was one of the musicians who both told his story and offered music.
All the presentations were powerful, and I will share some of what I heard in upcoming Sunday talks.

On Thursday, as we celebrate Independence Day, let us claim freedom for ourselves as well as remembering the history of freedom for our nation. Let us remember the power in embracing who we really are, and let us no longer cling to our outmoded stories about ourselves. Let us courageously let go of the known and step into the unknown, which is all there is anyway!

I am excited to return to you on July 7th when we will celebrate and honor Ken and me as fully licensed Unity ministers. Not only is this special for us, but also for UCIR. It is the only time in our history when we have had two licensed Unity ministers serving at the same time.

Thank all of you for your love and support. You are precious to me, and I love each of you.
It is you who make my work joyful and worthwhile.