Spiritual Leader's Message July 1, 2020

Dear Friends,
When we opened our doors for service on June 14, our hearts swelled with joy! Seeing each other again even with masked faces brought smiles that we saw in each other’s eyes. Sitting six feet apart didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. We were all happy! We spoke fondly of those of you who felt safer staying at home. One of the great things about Unity is that we lovingly respect what each person needs to do to live in integrity with themselves.
As well as June being a special month because of our reopening, on June 15, Rev. Ken and I were ordained. I had no idea what to expect since the service was Zoomed from Unity Village. I kept an open mind and heart although I was initially sad that we couldn’t go to Kansas City for the ceremony. I was reminded, though, that when hearts and minds come together to offer something beautiful in a unique way, that is exactly what happens. That is the way the ordination ceremony was. I was inspired that the musicians and speakers were offering their part from their own home and that each ordinate was in his or her own church. It appeared miraculous to me that those who know technology created such a seamless event.
Rev. Ken and I were blessed that our regional advisor and mentor Rev. Joe Sloan came to UCIR in person and placed our Unity stole around our shoulders and handed us our Bibles. Jeri Roitman and Kay Pieser baked goodies to celebrate the event and even served sparkling cider in champagne glasses! The afternoon couldn’t have been more beautiful and will certainly be memorable.
As you know, usually our Sunday talks follow a monthly theme. This month you get a potpourri! Because of this, you received an extra quote at the beginning of this note, one representative of the weekly talk. We hope you are enticed to listen to our talks as we enjoy preparing and presenting them. We trust that they inspire your thinking.
During this month we plan on reopening some of the previously offered classes. Keep tuned as they will be announced in the eBlast.
We are grateful for the love and support you have continued to give during the sheltering in. We are grateful to those who continued to contribute financially. You are all a blessing to us, and we love and appreciate you.
Rev. Carolyn