Spiritual Leader's Message February 1, 2021

When I take my morning walk on Lema Ranch, I often giggle at the gaggles of geese hanging out together. As many as 40 geese might be sitting, pecking, or roaming, each doing his own thing but doing it in community. They honk, confront each other, and preen. When I watch them, I remember both the joy and messiness of community. I sorely miss being in community with all of you. As the Covid vaccine becomes more available to all of us and as a herd immunity begins to emerge, I trust that in the next few months we will once again be a gaggle filling our sanctuary with joyful noise!
Now is a time of individual and societal transformation. Unity Worldwide Ministries provides an abundance of opportunities for transformational work. Each year a Lenten booklet gives us a chance to focus on our path of renewal. This year’s booklet, Release and Renew, offers daily readings giving us a denial and affirmation with contributing writers telling a personal story about how he or she has used them to transform their life. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17 and runs until Easter on April 4. If you would like to practice a Lenten ritual, we have the booklets in our office. Please stop by and pick one up.
January 30 started the 24th Annual Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence and runs for 64 days. The season offers us a way to consciously embrace peace and transform our world and ourselves. The Association for Global New Thought provides a variety of free downloadable materials to practice “64 Ways in 64 Days.” If you are interested, go to https://www.agnt.today/ and click on “Resources”.
During the next several months the Sunday talks will focus on men and women in the Bible and what we learn from them that applies to our life today. The February talks will offer stories of four women. In March we’ll look at men. Some of these characters will be familiar to you. Others may not be. Each is a person who has powerful lessons to teach us about living a spiritual life.
I am very excited about this series. I love biographies and what we can learn and apply to our own life and growth. I trust that you will find the series inspiring and life-enhancing. I know that I will.
Thank you all for your commitment to UCIR through your love, prayers, and financial donations. We are a vibrant and sacred community that makes a difference in the world.

Rev. Carolyn