Spiritual Leader's Message April 1, 2020


Dear Friends,


One month ago who would have imagined that the state of the world would be where we are today? We are being required to make decisions beyond what we might have conceived. We are being required to dig deep and find greater compassion than we knew we had. We are being required to practice our faith with every thought we think and every word we speak. It is a time where we must consciously walk our talk with every step we take.

You might say, “But we are always required to practice compassion and faith. After all, the Unity message is that we must walk our talk.” That is true. However, in times such as these, we are put to the test. When fear abounds, we must have greater awareness about when we are living what we teach and know and when we slip into the thinking of the collective unconscious. When fear appears to rule, those of us who know that love always trumps fear must do our work with greater focus. We must hold the space of knowing with every fiber of our being that God is. God is even in this.

A congregant shared that she listens to Latin music and she gets carried to another place. Another said that when she is in nature, she feels connected to the whole. These women have found ways to move beyond fear. They have discovered how to get “carried to another place.” I would call that place God. 

Already there are beautiful stories being shared about changes taking place on our earth. It is said that for the first time in decades, the skies above Beijing are blue and stars can be seen at night. Imagine children seeing blue skies and stars—something they’ve not seen before! We are told that for the first time in many years one can see the bottom of the canals in Venice. Apparently dolphins and fish have even been spotted in one canal. I see these as gifts and as Nature saying, “Thank you.”

Probably many of you have received positive and uplifting poems and stories in your emails. Cherish the words. Cherish our blue skies and the time to connect with friends and loved ones by phone, letter, and email. I encourage you to take this time of sheltering in place to deepen your spiritual practices, to reach out to others virtually, and to express gratitude for everything that is and is not because God is in and through all of it.

Please watch your emails for Unity Church in Redding’s weekly messages and updates. Call or email us if you’d like prayer. We will check our email and phone messages regularly. Always know that you are in my love and prayers and that I hold you in health and peace.