Spiritual Enrichment


We have so many ways to enrich your spiritual life and connect with others here at Unity.  For the most up to date information of happenings, be sure to view the calendar under classes & events!


Weekly Group Meditation (20 min) 

Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12:00-12:20pm


If you are looking to extend your meditation practice or just find a few quiet, peaceful moments in the middle of your day, then please stop by UCIR for a spiritually rejuvenating 20 minutes. These group meditations will be in the sanctuary. Please try to be seated before noon, if possible, though you are welcome anytime.  We look forward to sharing this sacred space and sacred time with you. Namasté.


Chakra Balancing 

3rd Thursdays each month


Facilitated by Alettha Kauhtue

Love Offerings gratefully accepted.


Circle of Friends Community Meeting with Bruno Groenig

There is a higher power that is the basis of all living things and it can heal.  Bruno Gröning called it life force, healing power, 'Heilstrom' or the divine power. He had a very exact intuitive knowledge of it, which through his simple teaching he made available for everyone. 

The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends is an association of people who have experienced help and healing through taking in this, today largely forgotten, natural healing power. All over the world, the teaching of Bruno Gröning is passed on independently of religious and national affiliation.

Through an appropriate body posture and spiritual openness, each person can receive the divine power themselves. This physically perceptible Heilstrom can bring about help and healing, even in cases of chronic, degenerative and serious organic diseases.  See our calendar for the latest

times and schedule or call Peggy McGuire for more information at (530) 242-8935.