Special Services & Weddings

Weddings, Christenings, Memorial Services, and Special Blessings

We would love to help make one of the most important days of your life even more meaningful. We will work with you to create a sacred ceremony that honors your beliefs and heartfelt desires. Unity is an inclusive tradition and weddings are always designed to reflect who you are.

We enjoy conducting customized weddings that reflect your preferences and personalities. After meeting with you, we will assist you in choosing what fits best for you.

  • Do you prefer sacred or secular?
  • Do you wish to write your own vows?
  • Are there family customs you would like to incorporate?
  • Are there children you want to include in the service?
  • What would make your wedding uniquely yours?

Simple or elaborate – it’s up to you.

Please call for an appointment to discuss your wedding plans at (530) 246-9544 or e-mail at christnu@sbcglobal.net

Your wedding maybe performed at Unity Church in Redding or at the location of your choice. No classes or memberships are required. Fees vary depending on services provided.

Christenings & Baptisms

In Mark 10: 13-16 we read that Jesus took children in his arms and blessed them.

Christening in Unity is:

  • The joyful act of welcoming a child into our world
  • Recognizing this soul by name on in its human journey
  • A time for parents and family to dedicate themselves to raising their child in an awareness of God's loving presence


You may choose as many people as you wish, or have no Godparents. There is no legal obligation or responsibility made through a Christening service.


For children age 7 & above and adults, we provide a baptism service.

Memorial Services

At the time of a loved one's passing, many people want a service and don't know where to turn. We are here to support you in times of grief and loss. Unity memorial services are positive, uplifting celebrations to honor your loved one.

Services can be provided at the location of your choice including the UCIR sanctuary. Please call Unity in Redding at (530) 246-9544 or e-mail at christnu@sbcglobal.net

Home, Office and Pet Blessings

A private Home Blessing ceremony acknowledges and honors your home as sacred space, a sanctuary of love, peace and joy. Many people request a home blessing as they settle into a new home or apartment. A home blessing ceremony is appropriate at any time, whether you have just moved in or have lived in your home for many years.

Pet Blessings can be a wonderful way to:

  • Welcome a new pet into the home
  • Bless a pet with health challenges
  • Honor your pet because of your love and gratitude for him or her. 

Most all pets seem to enjoy the attention of being blessed in a special ceremony and children love having their pets acknowledged in a special ceremony.