Reverend Carolyn's Message, November 2019

Dear Friends,


The first lines of a traditional hymn say, “Joyful, joyful we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love. Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, opening to the sun above.” When I look out at our congregation on Sunday mornings, I am filled with love. I see us as a community of hearts unfolding like flowers in our spiritual awareness. You are such a gift to me and we to each other!

I know many people who say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday because it is one day of the year where they remember to feel grateful for all that is in their life. When we focus on gratitude, the world begins to look different. We see what heretofore has not been revealed to us. Perhaps we have a greater appreciation of our home or of the beautiful fall colors or for our family. As William Arthur Ward said in the quote above, gratitude changes the routine and ordinary into joy and blessings.

One of the blessings for me this month is an upcoming trip to Detroit that Rev. Ken and I will be taking for our next exams. Included in the week is a festive dinner celebrating the 40-year anniversary of our ministerial school, Unity Urban Ministerial School. Graduating from UUMS was such an accomplishment. I was blessed through the classes that enriched and expanded my understanding of Spirit and how to be an effective spiritual leader. I was blessed by well-prepared and committed teachers. I was blessed through receiving my Unity ministerial license. I am grateful for this part of my life.

As we move through this month of November toward Thanksgiving Day, I trust that each of us is open to seeing with eyes of gratitude and recognize the fullness and beauty of life. We are truly blessed to live in this abundant world that we are given. 

I love each of you and feel grateful that you are in my life. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings as we explore the wondrous ways that Spirit works in and through each of us.


Reverend Carolyn