Reverend Carolyn's Message, December 2019

Dear Friends,

When I was a child, it was the joy of helping decorate, Christmas baking, visiting Santa, then the excitement of Christmas Eve when my family had their big celebration and Christmas Day when we visited my grandparents.  Before we opened our gifts, we read the Christmas Story from Luke and sang Silent Night. It was a festive, memory-making time.

Today I still love the secular aspects of Christmas. I like driving through our community and seeing the Christmas lights and decorations. I like finding ways to gift family and friends that don’t require shopping. This usually becomes gifts of experiences. I love having my family and friends around me. What I like most is turning within and connecting with my Christ self in a deep way. I love communing with my higher self and receiving wisdom and guidance.

As we enter this blessed season, I know you will find ways to fill your soul. When we balance the secular and spiritual aspects of Christmas, we find deep joy and pleasure in being a spiritual being having a human experience. By embracing both, we truly celebrate the life we have been given.  

At Unity Church in Redding, our December Sunday talks will share the metaphysical meanings in the Christmas Story. We will celebrate Advent with the weekly lighting of the Advent candle. We will have a lovely craft fair, and on December 12, we hope you will join us at the Riverfront Playhouse for “A Christmas Carol.” On the last Sunday of the month, we will participate in our annual Burning Bowl Ceremony where we release the old thoughts, patterns, and habits that no longer support the spiritual nature of who we are.

We invite you to join us during our celebration of this special time of year. I hold each of you in my heart and am grateful for your commitment to Unity Church in Redding.


Reverend Carolyn