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September Minister's Message

Dear Friends,

During the talk last week, we took a look at how our ego sometimes clouds our judgment. August proved difficult for our ministry as we said goodbye to Rev. Carolyn. We shed tears and felt sorrow because she left. We all know that the move is right for Rev. Carolyn and her family, but it is hard to feel happy when we feel a loss. We all know because of our Unity teachings that even in this, Spirit is working. 

We can look around and see each face, still here, knowing that we remain connected with all that Rev. Carolyn shared with us during her tenure here. We are blessed to share our Unity Love with all who come through our doors. We are one in Spirit never to be separated. We share this renewal of our ministry and can ask the question of our ego: "How do we get involved in this rediscovery of Unity Church in Redding?" Let us hold hearts as we turn to the new and experience all that Spirit has to offer. Please join us in our Sunday Services, classes, noon meditations, and special events. Our ministry is here for us, as us, to help us follow our path during this adventure called life. Many Blessings to You All,

Rev. Ken

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” ~ Unknown

“The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”

~ Kakuzō Okakura – The Book of Tea

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus

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