Our Beliefs

What is Unity Church in Redding?

We are the loving people who attend our services, classes and workshops and step forward in sacred service to make it all happen. Together, we make Unity Church in Redding the great spiritual community it is – filled with love, care, enthusiasm and talent.

Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer.

Unity is without creed or dogma, and is often viewed as a movement in consciousness, rather than as a religion. We honor the universal truths in all religions and respect each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.

MISSION: Unity Church in Redding is a radiating center of God’s unconditional LOVE; embracing healing, spiritual transformation and service.

VISION: As a vibrant, sacred community, we express the indwelling Christ Spirit and co-create a world that works for all.

CORE VALUES: Unconditional love - Spiritual growth - Acceptance - Gratitude - Peace     


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