Minister's Message September 2019

Dear Friends,

This past week I have had a great opportunity to focus on healing. On August 19th I had total hip replacement surgery. Following two years of living with serious pain, this came as a welcomed gift. What I hadn’t remembered about surgery, is that the healing process requires stamina, perseverance, and courage. It requires literally moving my feet toward full recovery.

In Unity we might not say, as Seneca did in the quote above, that half of healing is the wish for health. Instead we would say that the intention for healing, or the true desire for healing is half of health. Wishing for something is not the same thing as intending it. A wish has very little power behind it. It does not require commitment on our part. An intention is the conscious, powerful speaking of our word for that which we hope for combined with the willingness to move our feet in the direction of that outcome. The paradox about intention is that while we powerfully state our word and do the necessary work, we let go of the attachment to outcome. We leave room for Spirit to do its work in bringing us something even better than what we have envisioned.

In my healing process, my intention is to do the physical, spiritual, and emotional work to become pain free. As I move toward this, I am grateful for the gift of receiving care from others. Their gentle hands bring nurturing and love. I am grateful for time to sit in contemplation and rest. Taking time to watch the birds at the feeders and to enjoy the many facets of nature in my back yard are luxuries I don’t often take time to appreciate. Just being with no agenda other than to care for myself and heal is almost foreign to me. This opportunity is a learning process.

When I return to my ministerial work, I intend to bring these gifts back with me. By taking time to receive, appreciate, and enjoy, I can come to all that I do with a fullness of spirit and an ability to be present to all.

September 12 is Unity World Day of Prayer. Our sanctuary will be open from noon until 5:00 p.m. for prayer and reflection. Please take some time that afternoon to come and sit in silence, resting in prayer and contemplation. You will return to your activities renewed and invigorated.