Imagine That! April 7, 2019

Imagine That!  - With Carolyn Warnemuende

Do you remember being a child and playing pretend games with such focus that you became what you imagined? Perhaps you were a fireman or a teacher or a naturalist. Whether your imagination took you into a burning building, a classroom of children, or the forest, you were there and fully engaged in the role you had chosen. Adults may believe that they no longer have or can use their imagination. The truth is, we are imagining every moment of our lives. We were given the Power of Imagination to use in becoming the highest self we can be. When we use our imagination to enhance our lives, we thrive. When we, like Eeyore in the Winnie the Pooh stories, imagine the worst, that’s exactly what we get! This Sunday we are going to use our imagination to begin experiencing the life of our dreams. Come join us!

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