Dear Friends...,September 2021

Dear Friends,

Have you ever noticed that frequently when you pick up your Daily Word or another spiritual reading that it says exactly what you need to hear? I find that kind of divine synchronicity exciting. We can count that our needs are met in the right time when we practice listening, discernment, and patience.
I just finished my Daily Word reading. The word for the day is “Unlimited.” The affirmation says, “With God, I am unlimited.” In another reading I did, the scripture came from James 4:2—“You do not have because you do not ask.” The reading reminded me that God’s good flows to us always, and that more is available to those who ask. 
When I live with awareness, I see, hear, taste, and feel God’s goodness in whatever I do. When I get caught up with hurry or stress, I don’t notice. It is then that I need to remember to ask. I might ask for peace, or for guidance, or for ideas about the work I am doing. I might just ask to be shown God’s goodness in the moment. When I ask, I receive.
This morning was a reminder about abundance and asking. I have been doing a lot of writing recently, and I knew that I needed to get my eNote done. I truly did not know what to write about. My initial response was, “Oh, I don’t have anything to say. How will I figure out what to write about?” Then I did my morning reading, and there were the answers. Write about how life is unlimited and to remember to ask.
One thing I trust about humankind is that a question or concern that I have is probably one that others face, have faced, or will face, too. So if you are one who sometimes feels lost or confused, commit to asking, “Show me Great Spirit what my next step is. Thank you.” Then become aware. Your answer may come in myriad ways. Maybe through a spiritual reading, maybe on a signboard along the freeway or on a bumper sticker. Perhaps through something someone says. How God answers our desire is limitless.
As we move together on the spiritual path, let us support each other in growing in consciousness and awareness. Let us remember that God is good all the time regardless of outer circumstances. Let us remember that asking is not weakness but wisdom.
Have a wonderful month remembering that abundance is yours and that you are unlimited. And don’t forget to ask!