Dear Friends..., October 2021

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” ~ Oprah Winfrey
Dear Hearts,
In much of the reading I’m doing these days there is an emphasis on breathing as a way of staying centered in the present moment. While breathing is natural and necessary for life, so often the way we breathe adds to instead of calming stress. Many of us breathe irregularly. Often we unconsciously hold our breath.
For those who are familiar with yoga, there are several breathing patterns that can be used. In Practicing the Presence Process, the Thursday class facilitated by Lorri Oyler, the author of the book by the same name has participants breathe in and out without stopping between breaths and using the mantra, “I am, here now, with this.” Each word is done on either the in or out breath. Author Michael Brown prescribes this pattern of breathing because it is how people regularly breathe—simply in and out. One doesn’t have to learn a technique, only pay attention. I have found this conscious breathing to be very calming. I also notice it has made my ordinary breathing much steadier.
When I breathe well, I notice more of life. This fall weather with blue skies and colorful trees is such a lovely change from our hot smokey summer. With each breath, I feel gratitude. Not only is fall beautiful, it heralds change. Trees will become bare, the days become shorter, and the temperatures will drop. As I breathe consciously, change feels exciting and not stressful.
This fall you will see some changes at Unity Church in Redding. On October 24, the entire service will be conducted by Anton and Laura. You are in for a real treat, as their service has more music than usual and a deeply relevant message. On October 31, Rev. Ken and I will offer a co-facilitated Sunday talk to initiate our series on the Five Unity Principles. Our musician for the day will be Dalton Fitzgerald who will not only accompany our congregational songs but also share his talents through the rest of the morning music. I am going to entice you by saying that when you read our November eNews, you will learn about more exciting upcoming Sunday morning events.
As we begin to experience changes in the way we do service on Sunday morning, breathe! When things look different it can bring stress. I assure you that the nuts and bolts of our program will be exactly the same. How we do things will sometimes be different. Just like the fall season, it is change.
From October 18, through October 29, Ken and I will be traveling. Our families will visit Unity Village then take a driving trip through Branson, Nashville, and Memphis. I know we will bring back stories to share. While we are gone, our volunteers have stepped up to play extra roles so that UCIR runs smoothly and seamlessly. For these generous people our hearts are filled with gratitude. If anything comes up where guidance is needed, I am only a phone call or text away. All is in Divine Order.
Enjoy this beautiful season and breathe!