Dear Friends..., August 2021

Dear Friends,

I feel such joy as I look forward to seeing you on August 1. A desire I have held for several years has manifested and will be revealed to you. I gave you a hint that we would have a surprise in our recent eBlast, and I hope now I have further enticed you to join us!

As well as the secret revelation, I’m excited about our first Sunday in August because it begins a series on the Unity basics—the Twelve Powers and the Five Basic Unity Principles. Although Rev. Ken and I weave Unity beliefs into all our messages, it has been two years since the basics have been the focus of our talks. I love Coach Wooden’s quote from above: “Champions are brilliant at the basics.” To be champions on our spiritual path, we have to begin with a strong foundation of what Unity is. We must be brilliant at who we are as a spiritual movement and as individuals who embrace the Unity path.

I love the Twelve Powers and live them to the best of my ability. Each time I return to study them, I come with a higher state of consciousness than I did before and learn or perceive something new. When I look with intention at our Five Basic Principles, I remember that they are our guide to connection with Spirit, God. Returning to the basics reignites my excitement about the path I have chosen.

I trust that when you join us on Sunday mornings, your spirit will be lifted by the inspiring message Unity offers. Ours is a message of hope and empowerment. A message to bring us closer into our relationship with God.

I love each of you and always look forward to our time together.


Rev. Carolyn