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Celebrating Unlimited Prosperity October 27, 2019

Celebrating an accomplishment solidly fixes it in our consciousness. Without acknowledging our successes, they just become one more thing on a list of what we wanted to achieve. A ritual of celebration, no matter how small, gives more permanence to what we have attained. It raises our awareness of the steps we took toward our goal and gives us the opportunity to embrace the stronger, newer person we have become.

Turning To The Ancients, October 20, 2019

From the beginning of humankind, people have desired prosperity and abundance. For the caveman, the biggest desire was for physical survival. The clan’s energy went toward finding enough food and developing a community of safety leading toward survival. In the days of the early Hebrews, things weren’t much different. Enough food was constantly in people’s minds as well as living with greater wealth. But how?

Take The Dare, October 13,2019

When you were young, did a sibling or friend ever say, “I dare you to…” then offer you a challenge that was so far out of your comfort zone that you couldn’t even consider it? Today if a friend or colleague said, “I dare you to become a powerfully abundant person in this next year,” how quickly would you say a resounding, “Yes!”? Of course you want to become magnificently abundant in every realm of life. Yet once you gave a “yes” to the dare, how quickly did doubts arise?


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