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Spiritual Leader's Message April 1, 2021

Dear Friends,
By now many of you know how much I love to look for and include quotes in my eNotes and eBlasts. I enjoy seeing how different people address the same topic expressing their own beliefs and personalities. 
This month in looking for quotes, I Googled “Easter.” The ones I really liked came from a wide variety of sources: a Pope; an author-artist; a Professional
Life Coach ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance.

Spiritual Leader's Message September 1, 2020

Dear Friends,
I love the month of September where the hot, lazy days of summer move into the cooler days of fall. For me, the month symbolizes transition—the movement from one thing or state to another. Transition is a process. We easily observe the process in nature with the changing of seasons or the growth of a plant from a seedling into maturity.
Transition is a natural part of life.

Spiritual Leader's Message August 1, 2020

Dear Friends,
As we move more deeply into this time of Covid-19, I work to stay uplifted through faith. Faith is that powerful attribute of believing in things hoped for and not yet seen. Like many of you, most days I feel optimistic and excited about the new that will emerge. Other days, I feel disheartened and carry concerns for those I love and for our beloved Unity Church in Redding community. That is when using affirmative prayer and walking my talk takes on added importance.


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