August 30, 2020 The Playground of Life

Many have heard that human life is a school. We have the opportunity to learn lessons from the choices we make every day. Some say that we create our karma that we take from lifetime to lifetime through our choices. If we don’t learn a lesson in this lifetime, we must learn it in a future one. This may be true. What we know is true is that we create our karma, the consequences of our actions, right here and right now. Unity writer Eric Butterworth tells us that we are punished by our sins, by missing the mark, not for our sins. Haven’t you experienced this in your daily life? You make a poor decision and reap the consequences either immediately or at some point in the not-too-far future. When we think of life as a school and each action as a lesson, we may become so serious that we forget that play is an important part of the spiritual path. Jesus our Way Shower enjoyed partying. There are depictions of the laughing Buddha. The Greek goddess Aphrodite loved gaiety. In the Native American lore there is Old Coyote, the trickster whose lack of wisdom gets him into trouble—often humorously. Life is meant to be joyful not dour. As we gather together today in person or virtually, let’s pay attention to fun and play as part of the spiritual path. Please join us.  
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