August 23, 2020 What do I do with what I have received?


Unity’s fifth principle tells us that it is not enough to know the other principles, we must walk our talk, move our feet. Often we ask for guidance, receive a message, then push it aside. We may not act on it because it is not what we thought it would be or even that it is not the guidance that we wanted. We had already made up our mind about what we wanted to do or be. When our guidance doesn’t match, we either continue to ask for direction hoping for another answer or simply let life take its own course without our conscious participation. This week as we gather either in person or virtually, we will explore what to do when we receive guidance that doesn’t fit with what we thought we wanted or when the guidance seems too difficult to follow. Using the guidance from our Higher Self is the path to freedom. Please join us and learn to take the leap into the next phase of your spiritual development.

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