World Outreach

Unity Church in Redding’s World Outreach Project:

In 2010 we adopted God is Good Preparatory School Kyebando in Uganda, now called Rosana Junior School. We sponsor three children. Assisting Rosana Junior School expands our vision of co-creating a world that works for all and our desire to reach beyond the borders of our community and nation.  GGPS opened its doors in 2003. The school educates 200 children from pre-primary through Primary 7, the last year of primary school. Many village children in Uganda do not complete primary school. By doing our part, we are assisting children to achieve a better life.


Judith and Edward Nsamba, founders of GGPS with Carolyn Warnemuende, Unity Church in Redding Spiritual Leader and GGPS co-founder. Judith holds daughter, two-year-old Carolyn.

Children at GGPS hold gifts from sponsors.  The motorbike in the forefront was purchased for the school with community and sponsor donations.

Children at Good Preparatory School Kyebando in Ugandamo