Spiritual Leader's Message, April 1, 2019


Dear Friends,

Each Sunday morning when we gather for service, I experience a sense of joy that comes from the gratitude that I feel for each of you. Being your spiritual leader is a privilege and an honor. I trust that you feel the commitment and love that I have for you and our sacred community.

This week I have been watching a TV program called Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds. It combines what mystics have known for centuries with what scientists continually discover. There is one energetic source from which everything in our universe emerges and everything that comes forth is interconnected and unfolds in what Unity calls divine order. Time-lapse photography captures the interconnectedness and order as it unfolds. The program is profound, and I do not intellectually understand all that is being said, but I understand the truth of it with my heart and feel it in my gut.

As I listen and watch, I am amazed at what our co-founder Charles Fillmore discerned by turning within. His writings taught that all knowledge rests within us, and when we have the ability to quiet our minds to the point of stillness, all that has ever been known or ever will be is right inside us. It all resides in the great unmanifest and is available to anyone who can grasp it. Depending on our abilities and consciousness, we each manifest our part of the divine pattern.  

What joy we could take in our life if we truly believed that we are part of a divine plan that could not emerge in the same way without us. As Eric Butterworth said in the above quote, we were born to achieve, release our inner power, and express our unique selves. Our job is to wake up. To be aware. To look around and see and feel as well as to think. When we turn to our inner world, we begin to grow in consciousness and see the divine order in all that is and how we are a part of it.

During this next several weeks, our Sunday services will focus on The Twelve Powers. These are the Unity teachings that I draw on the most frequently. They truly are powerful, and they work when we work them. That is what we will learn as we look at each one—how to work it in our lives at whatever level of consciousness we currently live in. Consciousness is not static It flows and grows. Remember, consciousness, too, is part of that energetic point of creation. We may not approach all situations with the same level of consciousness, but as we become ever more aware, we begin to see our world as the divinely ordered place that it is and to relate to all life from that understanding. Using the Twelve Powers helps us become more aware of how the universe, our life, works and how we influence the energy that we came from and are—how we release our inner power and become all we were created to be.

This is an exciting time in our world. It is up to us to grow, to understand and use the tools for our growth, and to live from that place. Only then can we create a world that works for all.