"I Love You, I Love You Not"

I  Love You, I Love You Not

with Carolyn Warnemuende

When you were young, did you ever play a game where you picked a daisy and petal by petal plucked them off repeating, “I love you. I love you not” as you alternated petals hoping that the last petal would be “I love you”? While those games were fun as children, as we grew in spiritual maturity we learned that love is all there is. We learned to generate love inside ourselves so that if the kind of love we wanted from another didn’t come our way, we still knew that love was available to us. We learned to tap into our Christ spirit and know that love is right there waiting for us to accept it. This week we will look at love from the human and spiritual perspectives and realize that really, this is all one. Please come and join in the oneness of Spirit as we celebrate our Sunday service.