Board of Trustees


Our Board members, leaders and caretakers of our ministry, speak about what Unity means to them.

CAROLYN WARNEMUENDE - Spiritual Director                    

I feel honored to represent the congregation in my role as Spiritual Director of Unity Church in Redding. The opportunity provides a beautiful way to practice the spiritual principles that are the basis of Unity and to serve as a model of leadership for others. Supporting this ministy and all that we stand for is a privilege.


JIM RAMSEY - President           

As a member of the Unity movement for over twenty years, it is an honor to be of service to my new spiritual home at Unity Church in Redding. I firmly believe in the spiritual principle of tithing time, talent and treasure to my spiritual source, not only as a benefit to that source, but as an investment in my own spiritual growth, since what we send out to the universal flow is mirrored back to us, multiplied, pressed down and overflowing.

JERI ROITMAN Vice President

The Unity Community has shown me a wholly different way to live my life. UIR has taught me a practical, integrated faith that isn’t just a Sunday kind of faith. The Unity Five Principles really resonate with me and the inclusiveness of this community, that honors all paths to God, is genuine and welcoming.  It is a joy and pleasure to share my time and be in fellowship, and service, with like-minded people. Through UIR I’ve found a spiritual home, friends, and family.

KEN FICKLIN - Secretary      

It is a pleasure to serve the spiritual community by being part of the Board of Directors for Unity Church in Redding. I am here to listen and to be part of the process.


KAY PIESER - Treasurer