Spiritual Leader's Message February 1, 2018

Dear Friends,

It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated our burning bowl and white stone ceremonies, and here it is already February. As January progressed, sometimes I fell into the behavior I released in the burning bowl. Because my awareness had been heightened through the ritual, I quickly recognized what I was doing, let it go, and reclaimed “my new name”—the word I wrote on my white stone. That is the power of ritual. It grounds us into a new way of being. I trust that what you released and claimed in our burning bowl and white stone rituals empowered you and that you have felt more in integrity with who you were created to be, the manifestation of God’s love in action.

With Valentine’s Day coming in just two weeks, we are seeing hearts, flowers, lace, and other décor associated with the day celebrating love. As we approach that day, how are you feeling? Do you experience all the love in your heart that you would like? Is your life filled with people whom you love? Do you love yourself? Some of us do, and there are others who wonder if they will ever know love the way they would like. Most of us have heard the adage “Give what you want to receive.” There is wisdom in the saying. One of the great laws of prosperity is that we receive by giving. You may wonder if you are not feeling love in your heart how you can give it. The beauty of love is that is doesn’t demand big steps. All it asks is that we give what we can. So we give a smile or offer a kind word. Watch and see how people respond. Most often they smile back or say “Thank you.” The love you offered touched a place in them that wanted to receive.

In Unity, the Power of Love is defined as the attracting, harmonizing faculty of the mind. As a human being on this beautiful planet earth, you will discover that as you express love, you attract more love and that your life begins to move in harmony with your surroundings and the people you draw to you. Sometimes it almost feels magical!

During this month of February, enjoy the beauty of winter and the warmth of love. We invite you to come to our Sunday services and join in the activities we offer where you will feel a sense of community and the love that you have been waiting for and longing to give.

Happy Valentine’s Day!